Job matching assistance for Work Permit holders in the construction sector

Some of your workers may not be able to return home due to travel restrictions imposed by their home countries. To help you and your workers, the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) has partnered MOM to facilitate the matching of construction Work Permit holders with potential employers.

This job matching assistance is for Work Permits that are valid but you no longer need your workers. Due to the limited inflow of new foreign workers, we encourage experienced and skilled workers to be transferred to employers who need them. Please ask your worker if he/she wishes to look for another employer in Singapore. If so, please complete this form to confirm the following:

  • You are agreeable for SCAL to match your worker with another employer.
  • Your worker has agreed in writing to the transfer and for MOM to share his/her details including skills, work experience and current salary with SCAL and potential employers.

After getting your workers' written agreement, SCAL will contact them within 1 week if they are found suitable. Once this happens, they will be allowed to remain in Singapore for the next 3 weeks to give them time to be matched with new employers. However, if you wish to cancel the Work Permits during this period, please note that you must secure flights for your workers before you can cancel using WP Online. If there are further enquiries, please email